Ensure your security, with no compromises.

Whether you are a traveling dignitary or VIP, are hosting an event for such people, or even just traveling alone in an unfamiliar and with potentially risks that might occur like Bangkok, you cannot afford to be too careful. While it may seem like an extreme measure to some, the added security and safety that a dedicated security consultant, or bodyguard, provides is most definitely worth the consideration of high profile travelers everywhere.

Choose your provider carefully.

Personal security is fast becoming a popular choice with discerning travelers and due to this, the industry has seen a sharp rise in the number of companies offering bodyguards and other kinds of high profile security services. As such, it is paramount to your safety and peace of mind to choose a company with an exceptional reputation. As well as the highest quality personnel, it is also important to make sure their personnel are officially approved by the Thai Government to ensure they are suitable to undertake this kind of work.

Also important to this process is that your provider is able to work around your schedule and security needs, while simultaneously not compromising the level of service they offer. Because of this, it is a good idea to only consider well established and well-reviewed companies when it comes to something as important as your personal safety.

Make the right choice, the first time.

First Class Bangkok offers a personalized and up close level of protection which is almost certain to calm any fears you may have regarding your safety. Our experienced and highly qualified security professionals (Executive Bodyguards) come from a wide variety of backgrounds, usually from within the Thai military or Thai Police Force. We carefully screen and select our personnel from the best bodyguards and security contractors that Thailand has to offer. On top of this we also have an European Bodyguard Team as many of our discerning guests prefer to be protected with an European Bodyguard and many times we are also able to provide a foreign bodyguard that talks the same native language as the guest.

In addition, all members of our various protection teams are fully certified by the Thai Government to perform personal security work. This is on top of our requirement for all our security staff to have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry.

So why compromise your safety with anything but the most comprehensive and professional personal security service in Bangkok? If you would like to find out exactly what First Class Bangkok can offer you in regards to your personal security please follow this link.



Author : First Class Bangkok

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