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At First Class Bangkok, we make every effort to deliver the ultimate First Class Experience for our discerning guests. As part of the complete luxury travel package, we also offer customers the opportunity to charter jets, helicopters or yachts at competitive rates. Providing an exclusive experience of the city that cannot be matched,
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Charter a yacht

Our exclusive yacht charter services are perfect for those who want to sail the high seas around Phuket and enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the region. This includes the world famous beaches of Tonsai, Railay, Koh Phi-Phi and Phang Nga Bay with the incredible karst vistas they provide. What better way to experience Phuket and Thailand’s dramatic south west coast than from the luxury and privacy of your chartered yacht?


Image of MSailor Gulet Phinisi MSailor/Gulet/Phinisi
Image of sailing yacht Sailing Yacht
Image of catamaran Catamaran
Image of motor yacht Motor Yacht
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Charter a helicopter

For those who want to experience Bangkok and other cities in Thai- land from the sky, our helicopter charter service is the perfect way to travel in style. We can fly you from the helicopter pad of the five-star hotels in Bangkok to other locations across Thailand and back again. There is no better way to beat the traffic of Bangkok and experience the city in a unique way.


Image of Heli EC 135
  • Rotorcraft Type:BRAND NEW EC-135 from Eurocopter - a sister company to Airbus
  • Range (with fuel reserve):Approx. 500 km. or 2 hours 15 minutes flight
  • Twin engines: Pratt & Whitney
  • Maintenance: Performed professionally by Eurocopter Team
  • Pilots: Two high experienced captains with over 25 years of flying, more than 5,000 hours
  • Compartment: 5 VIP Seats with cooler box on board
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Charter a jet

Our charter jets are available for high-profile customers, VIPs, busi- ness executives, wedding guests, honeymooners and anyone else who wants to experience life in first class. With this exclusive service, we can take you to several destinations across Thailand and neigh- bor countries in style and luxury.

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