Anybody that has spent even a short amount of time in the beautiful city of Bangkok will tell you about the relentless gridlock that plagues the city at rush hour. In fact, regardless of the time in Bangkok, there is always a level of congestion in the city at practically all times of the day, particularly around the cities two main airports.

Add on top of this the difficulty of hailing a cab, and it explains the increased level of demand for airport transfer services in Bangkok. So, let’s take a look at exactly why you should be considering a Suvarnabhumi airport transfer service of high-end service level for your travels.


The most commonly cited reason for preferring a private airport transfer is the convenience of having somebody meet you after baggage collection to guide you through the crowd to your waiting car. In an airport as sprawling as Suvarnabhumi, it can be easy to get lost before you have even made it to the taxi or limousine rank ques.

Having somebody meet you after you have dealt with Immigration and baggage claims to lead you straight to your car can be a great relief after a long flight.

Unreliable Taxis

Most people either living in or visiting Bangkok will most likely have had a negative experience with local taxi drivers not following the rules set by the Ministry of Transport. In order to try and resolve this, Suvarnabhumi Airport organizes all taxis and passengers into a very strict queuing system.

While this may make for a better quality experience with taxi drivers, it also leads to long queues as the taxis are assigned passengers. Having a transfer ready and waiting to whisk you to your hotel or apartment at a prearranged time can help you avoid all of this after a long flight.

A great option for traveling families

Any parent will tell you just how difficult it is to travel with children, particularly if they are very young. Handling their luggage, plus your own, along with any items they will need during the flight and small children needing regular feeding and changing, can be a headache on arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Having an extra set of hands ready and waiting to help you with your luggage and transport to your hotel while you care for your children can be a massive help to traveling families.


After a long-haul flight and several hours in Immigration and baggage claim, the last thing most travelers need to worry about is finding proper transport to their hotel for some much-needed rest.

Arranging an airport transfer can remove those worries from your thought process completely.

Professional Service

As stated before, few of the local Taxi drivers are great, however, others have garnered something of a reputation for not being exactly customer focused. Airport transfer services like those offered by First Class Bangkok maintain exceptionally high standards with their English communicative chauffeurs to ensure you have a pleasant journey – all delivered in due time.

Author : First Class Bangkok

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