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First Class Bangkok Limousine is the premier provider of luxury limousine and travel services in Bangkok. We specialize in the provision of smooth and reliable airport transfers and bespoke travel itineraries for executive business travelers, visiting dignitaries and high-end holiday makers. Based in the heart of the city, First Class Bangkok is managed by an amalgamation of some of the city’s brightest entrepreneurs working together with a strategic network of partners who bring a wealth of expertise and experience in the luxury travel and tourism industry. Operating with a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles and a highly trained team of travel and tourism professionals,

we consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our guests enjoy the ultimate travel experience during their visit to Bangkok. First Class Bangkok is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service excellence to the most discerning travelers. Our services are specifically designed to overcome the challenges unique to business travelers. Understanding that corporate travel can be incredibly hectic, we ensure that every aspect of the journey is scheduled perfectly, right from the second a guest first steps off the plane at one of Bangkok’s international airports until they pass through the departure gate on their way home.

With our impeccable standards and service flexibility together with our commitment to punctuality, reliability and security, we not only take the stress out of each guest’s travel arrangements, but we also turn even the most mundane aspects of each journey into a First Class travel experience. We ensure that our corporate guests arrive at their meetings fresh and relaxed while also making the very most of any downtime they have during their trip to Bangkok. Start your trip by exploring our Fleet or learn more about us by our Youtube.

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In order to maintain out high-quality service and customer satisfaction,
we work by the following principles:

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We perform full background checks on all our chauf- feurs to give our guests total confidence in their safety and security while traveling with First Class Bangkok Limousine.

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Our entire back office team is multilingual including English at a higher level both verbal and in writing. All our chauffeurs are communicative in English. We always continually strive to maintain and improve the communication skills of our teams.

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We fitted with a live state-of-the-art GPS system every vehicle in our fleet of limousines and vans. This helps to ensure safety by allowing us to monitor our fleet at all times. Therefore providing our guests with peace of mind in order to maximize the enjoyment of the journey.

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By choosing First Class Bangkok, we confidently assure our guests of receiving the ultimate value for money. There are no additions or supplementary charges to our bills. Our chauffeurs do not expect or request any form of tip or gratuity, allowing our guests' complete discre- tion as to whether they wish to recognize and reward the excellent service and professionalism of our staff.

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We primarily designed our services with the business traveler in mind. When managing time is such a critical factor. Our dedication and expertise in handling the unique challenges presented by the transport infrastruc- ture in Bangkok. Which mean that we are constantly training our drivers to ensure familiarity with the quick- est routes, as well as alternatives where necessary, across all quadrants of Bangkok. We take the importance of punctuality very seriously together with training and planning. We also allied to the use of GPS in every limousine to ensures that we can create an accurate and realistic schedule for every journey. Thank you for visiting our page and taking the time to know us better. We dedicate to providing reliable and enjoyable ex- periences in Bangkok.

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