Please read our terms and conditions carefully:

Terms and Conditions:

  • At First Class Bangkok, we offer our airport transfer and other services through our contractors. In certain cases where it suits their schedule, we may provide a free upgrade or a higher vehicle specification. In order to ensure that you receive the right specifications, please tell us in advance about any changes to luggage and passenger numbers.
  • We try our best to provide services that meet the standard we and our customers set. However, certain last-minute and unforeseen circumstances may result in a lower service level, like when a customer’s flight is delayed or in rare cases when the traffic is jammed for whatever reason. In these cases, the price we charge will be related to the appropriate service level.
  • We usually work with travel agencies, hotels, and airline and helicopter charter services that require pre-booking. Their operation and licensing prevents them from taking immediate payments so please pay when requested to do so.

Cultural differences:

Please aware that their might be many kind of opinions how to address other people. In Thailand it will often be perceived as an insult if been talked bad to or raising the voice or even point with your finger. This goes for ground staff members in the Airports as well as our chauffeurs. In case of any immediately situation is occurring, please call our back office straight away – and we will clear any misunderstandings or any other inconsistencies. However, should the airport representatives, the airport police or immigration officers find any reason for them to either change the booked service or bring any of our guests in for questions due to Visa or passport issues or other issues, we as a service partner never can be blamed for such action. All Airport representatives are fully entitled in any case to make such decisions. Any given or not given reason from any airport official that changes or extend the duration of the specific service that is booked can happen if these airport officials see it as a necessary action. These precautions shall be followed and accepted due to a safety reasons. As our guests has booked with First Class Bangkok – it`s natural to behave in a First Class manner with respect for Thai people in general. We will at all time assist and help our guests the best way possible. However, if our fair and very genuine orders of conducts are not followed –  in case of a dispute we will be in our right to eliminate the booking without any kind of refund.


  • When a client makes a booking by email, telephone, fax or any other platform with us, and our sales support team create the booking for the guest an extra 20 % admin manual booking fee will apply. In case any add-ons will be requested to be delivered to the originally booking, a 20 % admin manual booking fee will apply. If it will be required for our sales support team to create a booking less than 24 hours before the service is to be executed, a last minute booking fee of 20 % will apply. The guest is assumed to accept the terms and conditions stated herein and by our contractors. In case the booking is for two or more people, the person making the booking acts as the agent for the rest of the party and his/her acceptance is considered to be the acceptance of other members of the party.
  • In case your hotel or travel agent books services on your behalf with us, we provide our service as commission agents and the conditions of the operator will apply. Our liability will be confined to our commission only.
  • Please note that the booking confirmation email you receive from us is to be considered a booking reservation and travel voucher. You are requested to print it out or take a photo of it with your mobile device and on request provide it to our chauffeur or representative who meets you at the airport.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Date of service, type of vehicle, type of service, flight number, numbers of passengers, pickup and drop-off locations, and number of suitcases / items brought along or any other details you have specified within the booking confirmation will be considered the final list for us. Should you require to change some of these details, at first you most send us an e-mail to info@firstclassbangkok.com with reference to the booking confirmation number and very precisely describe your request for amendment(s) and our sales support team will do their best to serve you accordingly and if availability is accessible and with or without extra costs, you will receive an updated booking confirmation or an updated e-mail confirmation send to your e-mail. Without an updated booking confirmation or updated e-mail confirmation, the service may not be executed. Ensure to inform us at least 2 weeks prior to the service date, in order to avoid any extra amendment costs. Any changes made to an on-going booking within 2 weeks the schedule pickup time are subject to be added our price rates as listed as extra costs on top of the already agreed price rate and availability. Example: The booking is ordered from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Within the 2 weeks a new request is submitted that pick-up time shall be from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM – the same amount of hours. However, the car has been blocked/booked from 10:00 AM – and therefore for these 5 hours we will add-on 2 extra hours before 12:00 PM and again 2 extra hours after the originally booked end time of 3:00 PM. When an amendment is required in less than 48 hours before the services is to be executed, an extra service handling fee of minimum 1,000 THB + service handling fee will apply. This is also and as displayed during the booking process valid when booking the Flex booking service. Overtime (OT) in totally here is 4 hours. At certain times we provide a special promotion if a return trip is selected, when the booking originally was intended to be a single one way trip. This promotion (max 10 % price deduction for the return trip) can all depending on how many bookings has been created – for the same date, time, vehicle and route, meaning a promotion that was available at first during a test booking – and like one hour later is required booked through our website, this promotion might not be available anymore that day.
  • At the same time, when a booking has been created by our guest, the information provided herein is under the guest responsibility.

Additional passengers:

We cannot always accommodate additional passengers unless we know about them in advance. Later booking modifications may not be possible and if possible, they may be subject to extra costs and you will be notified of them.


You may carry up to two luggage items. Any additional luggage such as golf bags or push chairs has to be declared when booking. In case a customer does carry excess luggage, we may charge an additional fee or refuse to transport the items. Any lost or forgotten luggage or belongings from our vehicles will be the guest’s own responsibility. We will do our best to assist the guest in finding any such items belonging to the guest. In order to assist in such incidents, our company policy procedure claims that we will need a photo of the lost items as well as a copy of the original receipt in order to identify the lost items, from their origin, originality, and brand appearance.

Child safety seats:

We provide an appropriate child safety seat if the correct age and number of children are declared beforehand. We reserve the right to refuse the transporting of children if the seats were not reserved in advance. All children have to be allocated a seat irrespective of their age; we do not allow children to be carried on the lap nor do we allow the sharing of seats.

Drugs, alcohol and smoking:

We reserve the right to refuse to carry a person we believe is under the influence of drugs/alcohol, and/or whose behavior is considered a threat to the chauffeur, vehicle, or other guests. This also goes for smoking inside any vehicle, which is strictly prohibited. Any smoking inside the vehicle will be followed up with an additional charge of 5,000 THB – in order to deep clean the vehicle for removal of any smell of smoking. This right is delegated to our chauffeurs and representatives and their decision made in such cases is final with no refund given.

Under Thailand Law we are not allowed to carry any drugs onto our vehicles for their consumption either within or outside the vehicle.

Yes, you can bring alcoholic beverages with you as long as it is storage in the trunk of the Limousine. However, First Class Bangkok has beverage packages you can select under our services and add to your order or you can send an email with your requests to info@firstclassbangkok.com.  The purchased beverages bought from First Class Bangkok can be enjoyed before the journey starts or/and after the journey ends or/and at agreed stopping points during the transfer.


All the fares mentioned here are inclusive of the chauffeur and/or airport representative services, limousine/car rental, parking fees, government taxes, expressway toll charges, and fuel, drinking water, towel, mint candy, and in some cases newspaper/magazine. There are no hidden charges or expenses.

Waiting Time:

For all reservations excluding reservations where the pickup location is the airport, if the client is not ready for pickup by the pickup-time stated within their reservation, an additional charge of 300 THB per 15 minutes will apply. For a pick-up at the an airport in Bangkok, we are monitoring all incoming flights related to our guests arrivals – and from the time the flight lands – our chauffeur will wait up to 90 minutes, without extra charge.


If there is any outstanding moneywise, the normal procedure is to clear the whole incomplete payment  in THB cash directly to our chauffeur when entering the limousine at the first trip.  This payment of cash THB money can only happen at this stage when the amount does not exceed 25,000 THB. If more than 25,000 THB is to be paid as an outstanding, we shall then receive the last installment into our account at least 48 hours before  the agreed services shall be executed. All B2B arrangements shall be paid upfront the service will be executed. In rare cases we are able to accept a 2 weeks period until full payment is due to be paid. Any overdue payments will be surcharged interest rate per beginning month with minimum 1 % per beginning month.

Car status:

We follow the criteria given below to categorize our cars: Brand New cars are a maximum of 6 months old, New cars are maximum of 3 years old and Used cars are between 3 years to 6 years old.


After you fill out the form you will have two options to make a secure online payment for the deposit or full payment. The service is booked based on the assumption that we have a car available for your transfer. We reserve the right to cancel the booking and give the customer a refund at any time, although this may happen within the first 24 hours after making the reservation. The refund will be processed within 30 days of cancellation. The reason for cancellation could be due to: Late booking (less than 18 hours before arrival), destination not covered by our fleet, hotel is outside Bangkok, or too many people for the booked vehicle


We charge 50% of the total bill on all our services. We also charge at least 5% servcie handling fee of the total bill for credit card processing through PayPal & credit card payments. In order to book long-term service or corporate service, the payment will be invoiced and wired within seven working days after the job is complete. Once the deposit is paid, the remaining amount is to be paid directly to the chauffeur on arrival. Please keep your booking confirmation ready for verification. We will hold the deposit for round trip bookings so that you do not need to pay online once again. You can then pay the rest of the one-way fare after reaching your destination and the balance amount on returning to your airport/other destination.


If you have booked a single vehicle service, you may cancel it up to 14 days before your arrival or departure and get refunded except a handling fee of 10 % and if any, the sales support team admin manual booking and if any, the last minute request fees, are non-refundable. The 10 % handling fee and Sales Support Team admin manual booking and last minute request fees, if any, are also non-refundable within the 14 days request for cancellation. Any agreed refund will always be refunded the same way as it has been paid due to the Thai law, regarding money laundry regulations. As every booking confirmation has been made in writing a cancellation request can only be delivered in writing by sending an e-mail request to us at info@firstclassbangkok.com and ask for a cancellation of your booking. If you cancel your booking between 14 to 2 days before the first service shall be executed, a cancellation fee at 75 % will be charged. If you cancel the booking less than 48 hours before your arrival/departure of the first service, no refund will be provided. In case of a package proposal, an example, a standalone VIP inside airport service or a combination of VIP inside airport services and ground transportation or a booking over more than 3 hours of duration is accepted or a service shall be performed by or together with a third party, no refund can be submitted after first payment.


We will also add swift wire transfer charges and other additional processing charges if payments are made to an overseas bank account. When a payment trough a secure payment link is being transferred with another currency than THB we will surcharge an additional handling fee of at least 5 % to cover the providers costs.

VIP Fast Track Services:

With this service, we arrange a special fast track service for you, escorting you from A to Z throughout the airport, meaning from the agreed meeting point in the area your flight lands until you reach either the arrival hall or the outside of the airport waiting vehicle. Travelling through the large Suvarnabhumi Airport can be tiring and time consuming itself, which is why we offer a Golf Cart as a complementary service, for the gates that is further than 100 metres to where the golf cart service ends. Our First Class VIP Fast Track Service is not only just for your arrivals but also for your departures.

At Suvarnabhumi international airport, our airport representative will support with a complimentary Golf Cart for the first part of the service, except when either Royals, Government Officials or influential people arrives in Airport at the same time as your flight. Hence, we will not be able to provide a complimentary Golf Cart during that time. This exception also at times applies when Suvarnabhumi Airport is under renovation or when a pandemic like Corona (Covid-19) or similar occurs. Furthermore, at rare occasions the golf cart can be “on standby” meaning due to extremely many other passengers at the same time in the airport – the golf cart will come back again to the arrival gate to collect all guests, that will need to wait and remain at the arrival gate. In such cases, the guest will need to call our dispatcher immediately to be assisted swiftly.

Please accept, that due to the rules and regulations in Suvarnabhumi Airport, usage of the Golf Cart is not allowed on departure, but an airport representative will assist the guest personally all the way through the Airport to end up either at the duty-free area or a VIP Lounge or the departure gate, all after the customer`s choice. On special occasions and after required profound documentation has been submitted to us from the guest – followed up by an application and if approved, we are able to provide an unique Easy Pass Motorcycle escort, to support the booked vehicle from our fleet to your destination, delivered by one of our professional Chief Protection Officers (CPO) / bodyguards.

Gate To Gate Service (with or without connecting flights and need or no need for luggage claim):

With this service, we arrange a special VIP Fast Track service for the guest arriving at an international terminal. Travelling through the large Suvarnabhumi Airport can be tiring and time consuming itself, which is why we offer a Golf Cart as a complementary service, for the gates that is further than 100 metres to where the Golf Cart service ends at the international section. Our airport Representative escort the guest from A to Z throughout the airport, meaning from the agreed meeting point in the area your flight lands, escorting to the luggage belt, collecting luggage, if any. (luggage can be collected by a VIP Porter Service, if booked). The escort will then continue to the departure check-in counter to deliver your luggage, if any. From this point our airport representative will ensure to escort the guest through the departure part of the airport, by escalating the service at the check points until the guest reach either the VIP Lounge at the departure gate or reach the flight departure gate area. What it means, there is often no need to wait and complete your formalities. Our First Class VIP Gate to Gate service Service is not only just for international arrivals but also for domestic arrivals.

At peak times, when there are extremely many passengers in the Airport, there can at times be a minor queue. Our airport representative will do their outmost to support and serve our guest swiftly.

Meeting point:

If our guest has chosen the “I walk myself through the airport” package, our airport representative will present a name board at the meeting point in the arrival hall next to exit door #4. When located, please approach the name board and the guest will be escorted out to our waiting chauffeur outside the airport. For hotel pickups, our chauffeur will announce his arrival to the bell boy / bell boy officer or the hotel reception. A hotel member will then inform the guest where to locate our chauffeur / vehicle outside. If you chose the Fast Track
Service with Golf Cart, our airport representative will be waiting for the guest at the agreed arrival gate (Please note that a Golf Cart transport the guest on part of international arrival section. Call us or start Live Chat with our customer care agent to know more. IMPORTANT, please be aware, that we from time to time and in order to comply with the rules and regulations within the airport, an inside airport service may change without prior notice, however we will follow up with an updated service instruction send to your e-mail.

At First Class Bangkok, we use all reasonable means to ensure that our vehicles and services are delivered on time and our guests reach their destinations on time. However, we may be unable to meet you at the scheduled time due to unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances. Therefore, we recommend our guests maintain a 15 – 20 minutes window for our services and attempt to make alternative arrangements in case our services do not reach you on time. We request our guests to treat all our representatives, including our chauffeurs, with respect. All vehicles we provide are lockable from the chauffeur’s seat, and unruly behavior, refusal to pay, and threats against our representatives are not tolerated. Any damage caused to the vehicle by a guest(s) will be paid for by the offending party in full immediately.

Disturbing the chauffeur:

Any attempt of adjusting any pre-set settings inside the limousine, like A/C, radio, mirrors, blue-tooth or any other settings at the dash board is prohibited. The same goes for any kind of interference according to the route the chauffeur might choose. This alternative route can have various reasons, like traffic jam ahead, accidents, renovation of the road or similar 3th. part influences and from that point will make the trip a bit longer in distance but shorter in time. The chauffeur will if any emergency or other things of the extra ordinary be in direct contact with the administration / authorities.

Our chauffeur

Our chauffeurs are all educated by First Class Bangkok, to provide all guests the best service possible. It all comes from the time of the first contact between our guest and our chauffeur and until the guest have been delivered to the agreed location. During the transfer our chauffeurs are able to communicate in English – and will only engage talking with the guest, on the guest request. Our chauffeurs also fully respect if our guests need privacy and able to relax and enjoy the journey.

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