Guest safety is a key component of the First Class Experience. We treat every aspect of guest safety with paramount importance, from our highly-trained chauffeurs to our impeccably maintained fleet of luxury vehicles and every minute detail in between. But it doesn’t stop there. Through our Executive Bodyguard service, we offer our guests discreet or close-up personal protection by professional security teams that can be customised for groups or individuals throughout Bangkok and Thailand in general.
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    In order to provide a personal and correct bodyguard protection when it comes to a full security service, one of the main and most important details is that the client and the bodyguard are able to communicate clearly with one another. Therefore, speaking English is crucial and very important to execute the protection flawless and as agreed.

    Our bodyguards are able to communicate in an understandable English way to avoid misunderstandings and for all parties to achieve all information correctly.

    We know for a fact when other providers claim they speak English, this is unfortunately not correct and therefore this lack of communication can jeopardise an operation totally and the protection of the client is in a potential danger.

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    A scale from 1 - 10 in English speaking skill
    1 : Very Poor
    10 : Native
    6 - 7
    (Understand two ways communication and able to communicate)
    8 -9
    (Regularly take care of US and UK celebrities)


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    8 Hours SERVICE

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    12 Hours SERVICE

    Starting From USD xxx
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    24 Hours SERVICE

    Starting From USD xxx
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    Additional Requirement

    Starting From USD xxx

We also have more services as below:

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  • Carefully screened and selected, each of our highly trained bodyguards has more than 15 years of experience, in both international and domestic security situations. Regardless of any types of your trip in Bangkok, nightlife party or business meeting, by limousine or private jet, our professional bodyguards are able to protect you everywhere of your journey. All members of our fully-qualified protection team also carry certificates of official approval from the Thai Government. The majority of the members of the bodyguard team has earlier operated either in the military or with the police. Therefore they have trained and practice different forms of martial, practicing tactics of protection dignitaries and had experienced in this field as well.

  • Our executive security team can be hired on an hourly basis (at least 6 hours) or 12 hours on a daily basis. If needed, we are able to add-on hour by hour. We also perform arrangements based on weekly, monthly and yearly basis, as your needs dictate. First Class Bangkok offers professional Executive Bodyguard options for your preference:

    • Thai Executive Protection Team: A well-drilled group of highly-trained professional personal bodyguards, hired specially to provide you with the highest level of security protection.
    • With add-ons and communicative in English.


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    Famous or Very Important Persons
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    Politicians and Diplomats
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    Want to make a good impression
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    Need to travel alone day and night
  • Image of celeb
    Famous celebrities
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    Wealthy Person
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    Participate in a party or night clubbing and demand privacy and no disturbance
  • Image of actor
    Famous Actors, Actresses, Performers & Athletese
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    in need of protecting valuable assets during trips, exhibitions etc.
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    You are a host/hostess and need protection for the important guests from 3rd party


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