If you need to store any of your luggage in a secure place during your trip to Thailand, First Class Bangkok’s Luggage Storage service provides a safe and reliable solution.

Taking all your luggage with you on trips out of Bangkok can be a real hassle.  Now you can leave your worries and your extra luggage behind when you head out of town thanks to First Class Bangkok’s safe and secure Luggage Storage service. You can either leave your extra luggage with us after we drop you off at the end of a transfer, or we can collect it from your hotel or preferred destination. While you travel light, your luggage stays safe with us. After you return to Bangkok, we will then deliver the luggage back to you at your hotel, other preferred destination, or when we collect you for your next transfer.

For further information about the service or to request this service, contact us at  info@firstclassbangkok.com

The First Class Luggage Storage Services is available for just 150 THB/Luggage Item/Day

*If having the luggage delivered to us prior to your arrival, please make sure that the luggage is locked.