Every visit to a destination City like Bangkok can be even more rewarding and exciting if you program in some time to visit a few of the many local attractions.  One of the challenges for the new visitor to the City is knowing where to go and arranging the itinerary to fit in with your busy schedule.

This is where First Class Bangkok can make your visit even more exciting and enjoyable, so sit back and enjoy our ‘5 Famous Places to Visit in Bangkok” and then put some of them on your “Must Do” list of things to do in Bangkok during your trip.


Visit Sukhumvit, the Social Artery running through the Heart of Bangkok.

Image of 03 Skw
Sukhumvit is Bangkok’s largest and most important street running right through the main Bangkok highlife area.  While the road stretches to the Cambodian border, the 10 kilometers that run through the centre of the city are the key to finding amazing restaurants, wonderful boutique shopping Bangkok style and amazing nightlife.

Just imagine being chauffeured by our Hourly Limousine Service, with a pre-planned itinerary to suit your tastes, you could visit one or two landmark bars, find an exclusive restaurant for dinner followed by a night club or another bar.  With so many things to do and see, there is something for everyone!

The key to understanding Sukhumvit is to understand that many of the attractions are located in the smaller side streets off the main drag, known as ‘Soi’s.

If you enjoy high end shopping, Bangkok has some amazing opportunities for retail therapy including the EmQuartier Shopping Mall. Expect to find a wide range of familiar designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Prada and many more.

Have you considered an elevated nightlife experience during your Bangkok Trip, why not consider trying a Rooftop Bar?  Bangkok has literally dozens to choose from and many offer amazing panoramic views of the City, which can be amazing, particularly at night

The adjoining Helix Quarter at EmQuartier has over 40 restaurants offering some of the best Thai food in Bangkok.

Would an exclusive Thai restaurant impress your client or your partner, Sukhumvit has many options to offer.  You are literally spoiled for choice and there are new hot spots opening all the time.

Its great fun finding new exciting restaurants and whether you delight in Thai, Indian or Japanese cuisine, there is always going to be a wonderful experience around every corner.

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What about a chance to really relax and be pampered from head to toe? There really is nothing better than a Thai massage.  Getting a Body Massage in Bangkok is one of the great pleasures of visiting the city and in Sukhumvit there are many to choose from.


Discover “Cool” Thonglor in “Hot” Bangkok

Image of 05 Thonglor

Thonglor is one of Bangkok’s most fashionable entertainments streets and is actually the name given to Sukhumvit Soi 55, near the BTS Skytrain Station (Thong Lo).  This is one of Bangkok’s hottest and most fashionable nightlife areas with a long list of bars and restaurants including the inevitable Rooftop Bars.

This is one street you will not want your Bangkok Limousine Chauffeur to miss off your itinerary.


Chinatown – The Ultimate Asian “Fusion” Experience

Image of 07 China Town

The mix of Thai and Chinese cultures makes Bangkok’s China town a unique and fascinating experience.  Yaowarat Road, the “high street” of Bangkok’s Chinatown is an assault on the senses!  At night this transforms into one of the worlds great street food locations and this is definitely the right place to go for the best food in Chinatown Bangkok.

If Seafood is a favourite of yours then consider making for the Lek-Rut Seafood restaurant, one of the best seafood restaurants in Bangkok Chinatown. Famous and therefore popular, where else can you eat an amazing seafood meal on a busy street!  This is also the perfect way to experience street food in Bangkok.

Image of 08 China Town

Why not take the opportunity to stay at a hotel in Chinatown itself? Bangkok has several to offer including the Shanghai Mansion Bangkok, The Grand China Hotel and the Chinatown Hotel Bangkok.  Allow us to guide you with a recommendation.


Discover Bangkok’s Beautiful Historic Heritage in the Old Town

Image of 09 Bangkok

Bangkok Old Town (Rattanakosin) is a wonderful collection of temples, palaces and historic architecture which represent the cultural and historic origins of the city, at the centre of which is the resplendent Grand Palace.  You should also consider visiting the beautiful Wat Phra Kaew – the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, the Loha Prasat Temple built in 1846 and the Bangkok National Museum.

There are wonderful opportunities to buy “antiques” in Bangkok’s Old Town but these normally refer to modern reproductions of original pieces.  Be aware that there are strict Government regulations aimed at curbing illegal trade in Thailands cultural history. Having said that, including some shopping in Bangkok during your stay is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a memento of your visit and celebrate Thailand’s fine craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage.


Chaopraya River – Discover the Venice of the East

Image of 010 Chaopraya River

The Chao Phraya river’s history is interwoven with the City it runs through.  In 1782 King Rama I founded modern Bangkok on its eastern banks and was responsible for constructing some of the country’s most beguiling temples.  As the city developed, the canals reaching off the river became famous and earned Bangkok its soubriquet, “The Venice of the East”.

Visiting the Riverside in Bangkok is like travelling to a different world.  Exchange the busy bustling streets for the serenity of the river.  As well as many spectacular landmarks, at night the riverscape lights up and transforms into an illuminated wonder world!

If you are looking for a more exclusive experience, why not take a private khlong (canal) cruise and discover the true heart of Bangkok. Away from the tourist trail discover secluded streets, historic waterside homes and un-restored temples.  As night falls, imaging mooring up at a stunning riverside restaurant for an authentic meal in quite unreal surroundings!

If you would like to stay in one of the hotels by the River in Bangkok as part of your Bangkok trip, please ask us for our recommendation.


Let First Class Bangkok Be Your Guide to Bangkok

As you can see, Bangkok offers a world of opportunities and experiences and we have only just skimmed the surface with our “5 Famous Places to Visit in Bangkok

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements for a well deserved break by fitting in some recreational activities into your business schedule and making the most of our Limousine Service during your visit.

Whatever your requirements or tastes, our experienced and professional staff are waiting to discuss your itinerary and organise your trip in Bangkok, taking all the complexities of booking transport, hotels and entertainment out of your hands so that you can simply sit back (in our wonderful chauffeured limousines) and let us take care of everything.

Author : First Class Bangkok

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