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Mercedes Benz Vito Luxury Van First Class Van

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Condition: Brand New
Passengers: 8 x   
Luggage: 6 x  
Hand carry luggage: 4 x  
Trunk capacity (LxWxH): 118x122x60 (cm) 45x47x23 (IN)


The Versatile Vito Van is ideal for Group transfers

Club vehicle, hotel shuttle or transport for your crew – with flexible seating for between up to 9 guests, a world of equipment options, the Vito Van is incredibly versatile. We have customized it with a 6 + 2 arrangement. 6 seats in the cabin with 2 rows in each row – facing each other with 3 seats in each row. Luxury and comfort.

In between we have customized a meeting table for laptop and safety holes for holding glasses/bottles. Add on the 2 seats in front next to the chauffeur. Our guests always enjoy the spaciousness of the Vito Van guest compartments, which were designed with comfort in mind – while the generous load compartment can accommodate a huge amount of cargo. Traveling together now gives a hole new meaning when it is possible this special way.

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