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According to Thai law all users of prepaid SIM card are to register in an official sealed security system. This official system is called The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). During the SIM card activation process our guests will be required to provide passport information.

The NBTC may, without reason, share the SIM passport information with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the Royal Thai Police and the Mobile Operator, entirely at their discretion. The reason for collecting the passport information is to monitor tele-communications for national security reasons. Government organizations have right to investigate and may prosecute individuals for inappropriate usage under the jurisdiction of Thai law.

In such cases, First Class Bangkok Co., Ltd will not be held liable or responsible.

How does it work?

If our guest has uploaded the passport, First Class Bangkok will always deliver the at first blocked SIM card as opened but unused and will be ready to be activated by the guest mobile telephone. If the passport hasn’t been uploaded through our website, but instead is shown to our chauffeur at the arrival, then the same activation will take place on site.

The activation date is the date the SIM card will be used for the first time.

How many can I buy?

Each passport holder can max purchase 5 SIM per stay.

How can I top-up?

If needed, then contact First Class Bangkok for further top-up. We will be ready from remote to top-up your telephone with the package you need – easy and very convenient.

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