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    • Mineral, Sparkling Water & soft drinks

      Coca cola 250ml

      Total: THB ฿ 95

      Sprite 250ml

      Total: THB ฿ 95

      Fanta 250ml

      Total: THB ฿ 95

      Minute Maid orange juice – 250ml

      Total: THB ฿ 95

      Mont Fleur sparkling water 300 ML

      Total: THB ฿ 150

      Voss Still Water 375ml

      Total: THB ฿ 169

      Fiji Mineral Water

      Total: THB ฿ 150

      Perrier – Soda Water

      Total: THB ฿ 150
    • Beer

      Leo beer

      Total: THB ฿ 170

      Chang Beer

      Total: THB ฿ 165

      Singha Beer

      Total: THB ฿ 175

      Heineken Beer

      Total: THB ฿ 190
    • Wine

      1685 Boschendal Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

      Total: THB ฿ 1895

      1685 Boschendal Chardonnay 2015

      Total: THB ฿ 1895

      Château Rose et Or Minuty

      Total: THB ฿ 2795

      Two Hands Angel Share 2014 – Shiraz

      Total: THB ฿ 2295

      Wairau River Pinot Noir 2015

      Total: THB ฿ 1895

      Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc 2016

      Total: THB ฿ 1895
    • Sparkling Wine & Champagne

      Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato

      Total: THB ฿ 1595

      Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato Rosé

      Total: THB ฿ 1595

      Moet & Chandon Champagne 750 ml

      Total: THB ฿ 5795

      Moet & Chandon Champagne
      375 ml

      Total: THB ฿ 3695

      Moet & Chandon Champagne Mini 200 cl (2 glasses)

      Total: THB ฿ 2295
    • SIM Card/Phones

      TRUE SIM card

      THB ฿ 1099

      For your total convenience, buy your own SIM card, delivered in your limousine and ready to use as soon as you insert it in your mobile device.

      In today’s global world, staying connected and keeping in touch is essential for every modern traveller. While many telephone service providers offer international roaming services, their rates can often be excessive. Wouldn’t it be better to pay local rates for local calls and data usage while you are in Thailand?

      iPhone 6

      Total: THB ฿ 24995

      iPhone 6 + Sim

      Total: THB ฿ 26094

      Samsung J2

      Total: THB ฿ 8495

      Samsung J2 + Sim

      Total: THB ฿ 9595

      iPhone 6

      Total: THB ฿ 499PER DAY
      DEPOSIT : THB ฿ 12000

      Samsung J2

      Total: THB ฿ 199PER DAY
      DEPOSIT : THB ฿ 4000

      Choose how to send your passport for verification.

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      SIM Card


      According to Thai law all users of prepaid SIM card are to register in an official sealed security system. This official system is called The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). During the SIM card activation process our guests will be required to provide passport information.

      The NBTC may, without reason, share the SIM passport information with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the Royal Thai Police and the Mobile Operator, entirely at their discretion. The reason for collecting the passport information is to monitor tele-communications for national security reasons. Government organizations have right to investigate and may prosecute individuals for inappropriate usage under the jurisdiction of Thai law.

      In such cases, First Class Bangkok Co., Ltd will not be held liable or responsible.

      How does it work?

      If our guest has uploaded the passport, First Class Bangkok will always deliver the at first blocked SIM card as opened but unused and will be ready to be activated by the guest mobile telephone. If the passport hasn’t been uploaded through our website, but instead is shown to our chauffeur at the arrival, then the same activation will take place on site.

      The activation date is the date the SIM card will be used for the first time.

      How many can I buy?

      Each passport holder can max purchase 5 SIM per stay.

      How can I top-up?

      If needed, then contact First Class Bangkok for further top-up. We will be ready from remote to top-up your telephone with the package you need – easy and very convenient.

      How can I top-up?

      If needed, then contact First Class Bangkok for further top-up. We will be ready from remote to top-up your telephone with the package you need – easy and very convenient.

    • Flowers

      Red rose and lily BOUQUET

      Total: THB ฿ 1595

      A rose(s) to your special one

      Total: THB ฿ 249

      Lily bouquet

      Total: THB ฿ 1295

      Rose Bucket(s)

      Total: THB ฿ 1795
    • Custom Playlist - Search for your favorite songs/artists

      SONGS Playlist

      Total: THB ฿ 495
  • special requests

Visa on arrival - assistance

Would you like us to add 1 x THB ฿ 995 = THB ฿ VOA Assistance to your order?

For a minor price of only 995 THB per guest – First Class Bangkok is as one of few service providers in Bangkok able to provide a VIP entry and bypassing our guests for saving up to 2 hours in at times very long queues outside the immigration counter. You will be personally escorted through the queue. NOTE: The cost for the Visa On Arrival stamp and picture in your passport the guests shall pay directly to an immigration officer.

No, thank you Yes, add V.O.A to my order
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