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First Class Executive Bodyguards

          At First Class Bangkok – safety comes first and we offer our customers highly qualified discreet or close-up personal protection. We provide           private, customised and professional security teams for groups or individuals throughout Bangkok.

          Our professional trained bodyguards are carefully selected and have more than 15 years of experience; both in international and domestic security situations. All members of our protection team carry certificates of official approval from the Thai Government.


We offer you access to our executive security team which you can hire daily or monthly as your needs dictate. 

First Class Bangkok offers two professional options for your preferences in following:

  • Trained European Executive Protection : A group of professional personal bodyguards from European hired specially to provide you with highest security concerns.
  • Trained Thai Executive Protection : A group of Thai who professionally trained from America’s Bodyguard institute to ensure you party with highest standard of security.

If you are interested in one our skilled security units; please contact us via our e-mail: info@firstclassbangkok.com where all details of your requests will be kept strictly confidential.